Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Good idea!!!!! I think.........

so my new exchange student's coming Saturday and were both really excited to meet each other! its going to be a fun year! now on to the title, i had an idea! (shocker! i know) as many of you know rivalcraft has a YouTube, its empty but that's not the point... i want to start putting videos on and have some fun. so my ideas will probably all happen sometime but what do you want to see first? interviews with the admin staff, mod instillation and spotlight, or a "lets play". more ideas will be come to be but i need to talk to some people first. tell me what video first in the poll ---------->
also i think it would be cool to do cool building videos, where i will walk through the building.
now I'm calling on you guys! Whats one thing you wish we did differently? could be something like you wish we changed air to lava (hopefully not that wouldnt be fun) or something! its up to you!!!

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