Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pizza Madness

I'm sorry it took me a while to post, ill work on that! well i did make the pizza and it was AMAZING! now i just need to make it for some girls :P haha... my Exchange student left on Monday, she was from Norway. my exchange student from 2005 is coming back to visit for the 4th time Sunday! after that my friend who's an exchange student, but wasn't ours is visiting us to! then after that my next exchange students coming for the school year! I'm looking forward to the next few weeks! after that i will probably go work on my friends farm for a week or two! but no Internet there, oh boy. oh and LOTS of ticks! i hate ticks! but it will still be fun! and when i get back i might help my friend build houses! more fun! very full summer! now for the challenge! multiple actually! whats your favorite food ever? and whats your favoriteMC mod? also i talked about a ingame challenge last time so here it is! there's currently a building competition going on! its $20 to enter (in game of course) (mail and give the money to Drcp) but the reward is $2000! wow lots of cash!

         have a good one!
                                                 DERP MAN

Friday, June 24, 2011

PIZZA TIME!!!!! Erh im lazy... lets do that tommorow

My friend should be here in about 10 minutes but instead of pizza... were going Indian for dinner! I love spice food! We went and picked strawberry at 9AM!!! It was still fun, and tasty! before i get distracted I have to say that I am making pizza tomorrow. I cant wait! If I'm rambling its because I'm watching T.V. :P Ill probably be outside most of today! Its beautiful out! Being an Admin on RivalCraft is amazing, the people and the staff are awesome people! I'm trying to post every day or at lease every other day. I also want to try something to get you guys involved... a challenge of such.... in and out of Minecraft... ill start easy though... leave a comment with you Mc Username so I can know who's following me! And the inside of Mc challenge I'm thinking a scavenger hunt.... in exchange for some diamond or something.... but I dont know yet...
                          DERP PIZZA!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Went to another party today! was fun and they had really good cookies! haha! more rain this week... isn't fun, but this weekend is supposed to be nice! tomorrow my friends coming over -and i being the amazing chef i am- is going to make pizza.... from scratch! its really yumy and messy, but i dont have to clean so im happy! were hopefully going to get more people on there server.... feels empty! so im calling on you guys! if you have any friends that play minecraft send them to our server! also i have to thank you guys that are following me and Piqueaboo, i never exspected more that 3 or 4 people! but i was happly supriesed when i got on and checked! lots more! and all the comments! wow!
thank you all!
                                DERPY DERPY, IM A DERP AND IM DERPING A DERP

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

waiting on good weather

well its been raining for what seems like ages... I still want to go outside :P. I wish mo creatures was installed..... i cant wait. trying to think of whats next... after more creatures? if u have an idea leave a comment.. I'm trying something new, I'm trying to get you guys involved by asking questions. hopefully its not a flop and i only get one comment.... oh well! trying to put new polls and stuff on the website but cant really think of anything... seems like everyone wants more wars and so do i!
                         DERP DERP!

Monday, June 20, 2011

partys over!

well the party's were fun... theres nothing funnier that watching 12graders in full Velcro suits fling themselves against fuzzy walls. ahh fun times.. back to work... have to do yard work and other stuff today... thats going to be SO FUN! not... i dont really think i even need to say how im dreading it. mo creatures is going to be instaled soon that will be fun! can wait to get a flying mount! and the sharks, man that will be fun!
          DERP OUT!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

party time!!!

probably wont be on to much today because i have lots of grad partys to go to... but ill try to sneak on for a bit! cant wait to see all my irl friends! i feel antisocial... oh well. PARTY!!!
          DERP AWAY!!!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


welcome to drcp and piqueaboo irl. were both admins on a mc server called Rivalcraft. we will just talk about what were up to and stuff like that..