Thursday, June 23, 2011


Went to another party today! was fun and they had really good cookies! haha! more rain this week... isn't fun, but this weekend is supposed to be nice! tomorrow my friends coming over -and i being the amazing chef i am- is going to make pizza.... from scratch! its really yumy and messy, but i dont have to clean so im happy! were hopefully going to get more people on there server.... feels empty! so im calling on you guys! if you have any friends that play minecraft send them to our server! also i have to thank you guys that are following me and Piqueaboo, i never exspected more that 3 or 4 people! but i was happly supriesed when i got on and checked! lots more! and all the comments! wow!
thank you all!
                                DERPY DERPY, IM A DERP AND IM DERPING A DERP


  1. cookies sounds good right now.

  2. I might be stopping by your Minecraft server sometime. You seriously made pizza from scratch?

  3. Pizza from scratch is delicious

  4. I dont eat cookies because they are unhealthy :) followed