Friday, June 24, 2011

PIZZA TIME!!!!! Erh im lazy... lets do that tommorow

My friend should be here in about 10 minutes but instead of pizza... were going Indian for dinner! I love spice food! We went and picked strawberry at 9AM!!! It was still fun, and tasty! before i get distracted I have to say that I am making pizza tomorrow. I cant wait! If I'm rambling its because I'm watching T.V. :P Ill probably be outside most of today! Its beautiful out! Being an Admin on RivalCraft is amazing, the people and the staff are awesome people! I'm trying to post every day or at lease every other day. I also want to try something to get you guys involved... a challenge of such.... in and out of Minecraft... ill start easy though... leave a comment with you Mc Username so I can know who's following me! And the inside of Mc challenge I'm thinking a scavenger hunt.... in exchange for some diamond or something.... but I dont know yet...
                          DERP PIZZA!